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"Draw, sketch and shade your way to artistic excellence with our dry medium art course for kids"

Looking for a fun and creative art course for your child? Our dry medium kids art course is the perfect choice! Your child will learn how to use pencils, charcoal, and pastels to create amazing drawings and illustrations. Our experienced instructors will guide them through every step of the way. Enroll now!

About the course

The Kids Art Course in Dry Mediums is an exciting and interactive course designed to teach children the fundamentals of various dry mediums such as pencils, charcoal, colour pencils, and oil pastels. The course curriculum includes an introduction to the course and materials, pencil drawing, pencil shading, charcoal art, colour pencil art, and oil pastel art. Students will learn essential skills such as drawing composition, basic drawing techniques, blending, shading, and dry medium techniques. They will also become familiar with the various materials and tools used in each medium. This course provides a comprehensive approach to art education and is perfect for kids looking to develop their artistic skills and creativity.

Kids Art Course in Dry Mediums 


*Introduction about course and material

*Pencil drawing : Pencil Mastery: Learn to Create Stunning Drawings from Scratch

*Pencil Shading : Unlocking the Magic of Pencil Shading for Young Artists and Artistic Adventures

*Charcoal Art : Fun with Charcoal and Advanced Shading Techniques for Young Artists

*Colour Pencil Art : Advanced Color Pencil Shading Techniques for Young Artists

*Soft Pastel Art : Exploring Advanced Soft Pastel Shading with Kids

*Fixative Spray Mastery: How to Protect Your Artwork

*A Guide to Removing Masking Tape Without Damage

*Oil Pastel Art : Colorful Blends and Mastering Oil Pastel Shading for Young Artists

What will you learn ?
    • Drawing Compose: Discover the art of composition, where you'll master the ability to arrange elements in your drawings to create visually stunning and balanced compositions. Learn the secrets behind captivating artwork that grabs the viewer's attention.

    • Basic Drawing Techniques: Build a solid foundation in drawing as you dive into the fundamental techniques. From understanding lines, shapes, and proportions to capturing intricate details, you'll gain the confidence and skills to bring your imagination to life on paper.

    • Blending & Shading Techniques: Elevate your drawings with mesmerizing depth and realism through the magic of blending and shading. Learn how to expertly manipulate light and shadow, bringing a three-dimensional quality to your artwork that will captivate and amaze.

    • Dry Mediums Techniques: Explore the vast world of dry mediums, including pencils, charcoal, pastels, and markers. Unlock their unique qualities and discover how to wield these versatile tools to create stunning effects and unleash your creativity like never before.

    • Use of Materials & Tools: Dive into the fascinating realm of art materials and tools. Discover their distinct characteristics, explore their limitless possibilities, and learn how to select and utilize the right tools to enhance your artistic vision.

  • Enroll Now in our captivating course and unlock your full artistic potential. Whether you're a beginner seeking to develop your skills or an experienced artist eager to expand your repertoire, this course is designed to inspire, educate, and empower you to create breathtaking artwork. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to take your artistic journey to the next level!
      1. Assignments Practice Work: Immerse yourself in hands-on learning through engaging assignments and practice work. Apply the techniques you learn to reinforce your skills and watch your artwork flourish with each completed task.

      2. Quality 4k: Experience the visual splendor of our course materials in stunning 4k resolution. Every detail of the instructional content is presented with utmost clarity, ensuring that you don't miss a single stroke or technique.

      3. Detail Video and 100% Practical Video: Dive deep into the world of drawing with our meticulously crafted videos. Witness every intricate detail and technique up close, guiding you through the process of creating stunning artwork. Our videos are designed to be 100% practical, giving you the confidence and skills to create with ease.

      4. Max Quality Video Duration: We understand the value of your time. Our concise video lessons, with a maximum quality duration, ensure that you receive focused instruction without unnecessary fluff. Each video is carefully structured to deliver impactful learning within a manageable timeframe.

      5. 3 Months Access: Enjoy an extended period of access to the course materials, providing you with ample time to learn at your own pace. Dive deep into the content, revisit lessons, and apply the techniques until they become second nature.

      6. Real-Time Video Content: Gain invaluable insights as you witness real-time video demonstrations of drawing techniques. Watch as the instructor guides you through each step, sharing their expertise and knowledge to help you develop your artistic skills.

      7. Easy to Understand: Our course is designed to be accessible and comprehensible for learners of all levels. The instructional content is presented in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that you can grasp the concepts and techniques with ease.

      8. Language: Hindi Practical Video: Immerse yourself in the course with our Hindi practical video lessons. This ensures a seamless learning experience, as you can easily follow along with the instructor's explanations and demonstrations in your native language.

      9. Certificate: Plus, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a digital certificate, validating your achievement and showcasing your newfound skills to the world.

    1. Enroll Now and embark on a transformative artistic journey that will unleash your creativity, boost your confidence, and equip you with the skills needed to create awe-inspiring artwork. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your drawing abilities and set your artistic talents ablaze!

    ₹ 497 Enroll Now